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College admissions tests are important. Preparing for them is just as important. 

We help students maximize their test-taking abilities to achieve their goal scores.

Our students are often accepted into their choice college and qualify for a merit scholarships!​



  • Mastering test-taking strategies to maximize efficiency in time management in each section.

  • College Board Practice Tests that are scored by section, generating a composite exam score.


  • Meaningful feedback on missed problems to address challenging concepts that may need remediation. 

  • Direct instruction and lessons tailored to raising subject-area knowledge specific to each student.


The best way to prepare for a standardized test is through taking as many practice exams as possible and pairing it with meaningful feedback sessions with us. During feedback sessions, we:

  • Review missed problems to correcting misunderstandings

  • Discuss tactics for answering specific types of questions

  • Establish time management strategies by section, and

  • Integrate direct instruction to master the fundamentals

Our recommended workflow involves students taking practice tests on their own time. Students complete practice tests through College Board's Bluebook App for the SAT, or through paper tests made available by the ACT. Both resources emulates the test day experience and offer insightful data on student performance. 


Each practice test requires 2-3 hours of test time, and can be broken up over multiple sittings to accommodate busy schedules. Once practice tests are complete, a feedback session with tutors is essential to thoughtfully review the results and equip students with the skills needed to continue to improve. This cyclical and structured approach is what sets Flatirons Tutoring apart. Below is a sample of what a student's test prep journey could look like:

Session 1: Review Prior (P)SAT/ACT Tests.

Teach Time Management Tips and Strategies by Section.

Session 2: Feedback on Practice Test #1.

Session 3: Feedback on Practice Test #2. 

Session 4: Feedback on Practice Test #3. 

Session 5: Feedback on Practice Test #4. 

Session 6: Feedback on Practice Test #5. 

Session 7: Feedback on Practice Test #6.

Session 8: Feedback on Practice Test #7.

Session 9: Feedback on Practice Test #8.

Session 10: Feedback on Practice Test #9. 

Session 11: Feedback on Practice Test #10.

*The Initial Strategy Session is between 30 - 60 minutes.

*All subsequent Feedback Sessions are between 1 - 2 hours.

*Session lengths vary based on student performance.

$500 GRANT

5 Free Tutoring Hours

$42,500+ Already Awarded!

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