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$500 GRANT

5 Free Tutoring Hours

$42,500+ Already Awarded!


Reading | Phonics | Writing | Grammar | Arithmetic 

Our tutoring program uses interactive lessons to engage children and motivate them to learn. We recognize that all students learn differently, so we conduct our sessions tailored to each student.


Each session includes stimulating lessons such as games, puzzles, problem-solving, pattern-matching, reading, and sentence-building exercises. ​​


Schedule a consultation to be connected with the best tutor for your student. Each consultation is FREE and lasts about 30 minutes. 

Our Elementary Tutoring program is run by Anna Schumacher, a 4th-Grade teacher who has worked in education for 6 years in various roles. She is also pursuing her M.A. in School Leadership! ​


Contact her directly at 303-549-7196 for the quickest service.

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