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Karin Jackson

Chemistry Tutor

Karin loves doing science. Chemistry is her favorite, with biology a close second. Hands-on, mixing things together or launching it across the room, is when science is at its best. She's taught for years, at the University of Maryland, at Colorado School of Mines, at Red Rocks Community College, and most recently at Golden View Classical Academy.


She has extensive tutoring experience in chemistry, biology, and math and loves seeing when students bring concepts together into a complete, cohesive picture. She can help you build a solid foundation to start your lifelong enjoyment of science.  She is currently trying her hand at entrepreneurship and is working for a start-up engineering company developing solar-powered products.

Karin is married and has two teenage children. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, refinishing furniture, baking (aka kitchen chemistry), and hiking in the beautiful Colorado mountains with her dog.

Karin Jackson
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