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Bob Lewis

English, Math, & Test Prep Tutor


Bob Lewis holds bachelors degrees with Latin honors in Biology, English, Mathematics, and Psychology from the University of Colorado Denver (along with an Astrophysics minor) and an EdM in Science and the Public from the University at Buffalo. He has over a decade of experience tutoring a wide variety of academic subjects as well as preparing students for their ACT of SAT examinations.

When not teaching, he’s a writer, editor, publisher, magician, entrepreneur, podcaster, YouTuber, public speaker, paranormal investigator, woodworker, chess player, book collector, amateur historian, amateur chef, and dedicated polymath and interdisciplinarian. His hobby is to collect new hobbies and he tries to apply his eclectic background to help students find connections between their own interests and whatever subject they may currently be studying.

Bob’s favorite play is Macbeth, favorite book is Dracula, favorite composer is Verdi, and favorite Founding Father is Benjamin Franklin.

Bob Lewis
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