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Math | Physics | SAT/ACT Test Prep

Cris is a native Spanish speaker born and raised in Colorado. He teaches Algebra 1 and Physics at Golden View Classical Academy (Golden, CO) while serving as the varsity boy's basketball coach. He’s also an assistant football coach at Ralston Valley High School (Arvada, CO). He was named the 2021-22 Aristotle Award winner for teacher of the year at his school and is the Mathematics department chair.

Cris played football at North Central College (Naperville, IL), where he studied Physics & Mathematics while earning Outstanding Major in Secondary Education as a senior and tutoring his peers. 


Cris has been tutoring for over 8 years. His students note an immediate improvement in their confidence level, problem-solving ability, and overall content comprehension. Each student has a unique learning style, and Cris makes it his duty to find out what that is to adapt his teaching accordingly. 

Cris Chacon
Amy Chacon



Amy is a Spanish teacher at Ralston Valley High School (Arvada, CO), where she has taught Spanish from Levels 1 through 3. She also coaches boys and girls soccer.

She played soccer at North Central College (Naperville, IL), where she studied Spanish & Secondary Education while earning the Senior Influence Award in 2016. She studied abroad in Spain, working as an Aupair and playing semi-pro soccer. Amy has also visited El Salvador, Mexico, The Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, and other European countries.

Amy will be offering comprehensive private lessons for Spanish.



Karin loves doing science. Chemistry is her favorite, with biology a close second. Hands-on, mixing things together or launching it across the room, is when science is at its best. She's taught for years, at the University of Maryland, at Colorado School of Mines, at Red Rocks Community College, and most recently at Golden View Classical Academy.


She has extensive tutoring experience in chemistry, biology, and math and loves seeing when students bring concepts together into a complete, cohesive picture. She can help you build a solid foundation to start your lifelong enjoyment of science.  She is currently trying her hand at entrepreneurship and is working for a start-up engineering company developing solar-powered products.

Karin is married and has two teenage children. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, refinishing furniture, baking (aka kitchen chemistry), and hiking in the beautiful Colorado mountains with her dog.

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Math | Science | SAT/ACT Test Prep |

Academic Coaching

Zoe graduated from Ralston Valley High School, where she excelled in academics as valedictorian. Beyond the classroom, she served as vice president of the National Honors Society, where she volunteered time for community service projects, including tutoring programs and food drives. In her free time, Zoe enjoys playing competitive soccer and running cross country. Zoe connects with her students through up-to-date teaching methods emphasizing problem-solving. She is determined to share the power and joy of learning with others. She is currently studying at The University of Arizona in Tucson.


Mathematics | SAT/ACT Test Prep | Academic Coaching

Madi is currently completing her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Denver with distinction in analysis and a thesis on phase retrieval in frame theory. She will be starting a PhD program in Mathematics at Vanderbilt University this upcoming Fall. Her research experience lies in applied mathematics, partial differential equations, and hopes to do research in harmonic analysis and frame theory in graduate school. She has been tutoring mathematics for over four years, both privately and with the University of Denver.

Madi can solidly tutor mathematics at the primary, secondary, and collegiate levels. Madi enjoys sharing her passion for mathematics with students and hopes to show them how beautiful math can be. Madi helps students learn that mathematics can be accessible to everyone and that they can accomplish their goals academically.


Math | Science | SAT/ACT Test Prep | Academic Coaching

Dom is a Senior studying Mathematics online through Louisiana State University. She lives in Denver after recently moving from Texas and has loved being in Colorado. She holds a Colorado Substitute Teaching License and a Texas Dyslexia Certification, and she is a National Merit Scholar. 


Dom has tutored students ages 3-25 in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Spanish, and all levels of math. She also tutors GED prep, SAT/PSAT, and ACT. With over five years of experience working in-person and virtually with students across the country, Dom has a wide range of experience in all STEM subjects.


In her free time, Dom loves hiking, playing jazz, frisbee, baking, puzzles, and hanging out with friends. She is passionate about supporting students and encouraging them to be their most authentic selves. She plans to be a high school teacher after finishing college next Summer. 



Math | Science | Academic Coaching | Reading | Writing

Jillian is a Colorado native who loves to ski, hike, dance, and make music. She is a senior at Golden View Classical Academy, where she serves as secretary of the National Honors Society and is a leader among her peers. She plans to attend college to pursue exercise science and sports medicine, and she enjoys studying and applying the sciences the most. 


Jillian has tutored for three years in reading, math, and science and taught dance at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities. She focuses on building a solid foundation, then moving forward to applying this foundation to more complex topics. Jillian ensures that her students understand the basics but always pushes and encourages them to understand the concepts they are learning more deeply. 



Math | Physics | SAT/ACT Test Prep | Academic Coaching

Timothy Young is enrolled at Red Rocks Community College and plans to attend the Colorado School of Mines with his brother next year.


Tim loved math and the sciences as a child, and he hopes to help others develop that passion. In school, he would always help peers with problem-solving. He has also worked as a tutor at Mathnasium, where he found it to be a perfect opportunity to help students learn math and deepen his pedagogical practice as a math instructor.

Tim likes to play basketball, go camping, play music, and hang out with friends in his free time. 


Mathematics | SAT/ACT Test Prep | Academic Coaching

Sameera is originally from Houston and holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, and is working towards her master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from CU Boulder. 

Growing up, Sameera frequently tutored peers in Geometry, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Calculus, and Physics, especially throughout high school and early college. She officially started tutoring for the Houston Independent School District in 2020 and volunteered at the local Space Center. 


Sameera loves problem-solving (math, engineering, jigsaw puzzles, etc.) and in her free time, she enjoys playing video games and intramural soccer.


Sara Oza

Math | Academic Coaching

Sara is a Colorado native and a current engineering student at CU Boulder. She loves anything outdoors, especially if it involves her dog Molly. 

Sara started out as a peer tutor in high school and loved it. She's been tutoring in Math for over five years. Her approach is to return to the basics and build on key concepts that help students succeed when approaching any math problem. 


Elementary | Academic Coaching | Specialized Assessments

With over six years of experience, Brian has had the opportunity to work in a variety of different roles in education. Brian was a classroom teacher for grades 3-5 for four years before serving as an academic interventionist for a year. Now, Brian privately tutors students, where he specializes in dyslexia, educational assessments, and literacy.


Brian earned his Masters in Educational Psychology from the University of Alabama and his Bachelors in Elementary Education with an endorsement in reading from Iowa State University. He also is Orton-Gillingham trained.


Brian believes absolutely all students can learn and be successful with the right support.


When he's not teaching, Brian loves to hike, read, and explore new restaurants with his wife.

BA Head Shot.jpeg


Elementary Team Lead
Basic Reading, Writing, & Arithmetic | Academic Coaching

Anna is a 4th-grade teacher in Jefferson County Public Schools. This is her 6th year in JeffCo, and she loves working with elementary-age students. Anna graduated from Metropolitan State University with a B.A. in Elementary Education and a minor in Psychology. She is pursuing her M.A. in School Leadership. 

Anna ran her own tutoring business since the beginning of COVID, where she would help students PreK-6th grade in all subject areas by conducting online and in-person sessions. She is very excited to merge her company with Flatirons Tutoring and will be over the Elementary department. 

Anna’s teaching philosophy is that learning is not a “one size fits all.” She understands that all students learn differently, and her passion is to find a learning style in which each student will thrive. 


Mathematics | Elementary | Academic Coaching

Jameson Goldstein is a Junior at Faith Christian Academy, taking college-level coursework in physics, calculus, and computer science.

In addition to this, he has experience at Mathnasium, a local math tutoring franchise. His students have described him as a kind, caring, and understanding tutor. He makes sure that his students understand fundamental concepts so that they can apply them to more complex problems.


Jameson likes to hike, read, and ski in his free time. 

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Elementary | Basic Reading, Writing, & Arithmetic

Abbi is a Colorado native and a college sophomore working on a Speech Language Pathology degree. While working to complete her degree, she works as a paraprofessional in an elementary school, helping kindergarten students learn to read and write. Abbi is a third-generation educator in her family and has always been passionate about children. In high school, she completed the Teacher Cadet program and worked as the toddler room lead teacher at a preschool. In her free time, she loves to paint and draw and spends time training her puppy, Ryder. 

Abbi believes that every child has the potential to grow with the correct strategies and approaches. She has experience with different teaching methods, allowing her to connect with every type of learner. She works hard to build relationships with the students to understand their needs and how she can fulfill them.


Mathematics | Writing | Social Studies | Science

SAT/ACT Test Prep | Academic Coaching

Tommy began tutoring in his high school years. He has a passion for breaking down complex topics in a way that's easy to understand.


Tommy hails from Illinois and has spent time living in Boston, New York, and Austin before moving to Colorado in 2021. He loves getting out on the ski slopes any chance he gets. He enjoys spending time with dogs and volunteers at the local Humane Society.


Tommy likes playing and watching sports of any kind, although soccer and basketball are his favorites. He played four years of varsity soccer at MIT while pursuing his bachelor's in computer science.


He specializes in STEM subjects, writing, and history.

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Basic Reading, Writing, & Arithmetic | Academic Coaching

Steph is a 4th grade teacher in Mapleton Public Schools. She has previously taught 5th grade and has experience in almost all elementary grade levels. 


Steph graduated from Arizona State with a bachelors in Elementary Education and is working towards a masters in Mental Health and Counseling.

Steph believes every student is capable of success, that each student has a unique way of learning best, and helping students find the style that works for them is important.



Mathematics | SAT/ACT Test Prep | Academic Coaching

David is currently enrolled at the Colorado School of Mines and is working towards a bachelor's degree in Computer Science with a focus on Data Science.

Since high school, David has helped his peers with their math studies and excelled in math and STEM-related classes.


Prior to working with us at Flatirons Tutoring, he also worked in Mathnasium, which has helped to solidify his teaching knowledge and repertoire. 

In his free time, David likes to hike, read books, and play music.

Nick Chase


English | Test Prep | Academic Coaching

Nick spent nearly a decade working in the public and private school systems of New York City while also providing private tutoring services to high school students. His experience has made him sensitive to students’ needs in potentially stress-inducing test taking situations.


His goal as an educator is to not only share knowledge, but also identify the unique way in which each learner absorbs information. No two students are alike, and he strives to identify how to best teach each learner. In addition to his work as an educator, Nick is a published journalist and produced playwright.


His work has been seen on a number of venerable New York and Colorado stages, including The Public Theater and the Dairy Arts Center. Currently, he is a Co-Artistic Director at Boulder's award winning Local Theater Company. 


Elementary | English | Spanish | Academic Coaching

Maddie is originally from Kansas and is now pursuing a Bachelor in Psychology. She loves connecting with students and helping them gain confidence in their academic studies. In her free time she enjoys reading, cooking, and helping on her family farm. 

Maddie has worked previously as a tutor for high school students and a volunteer tutor for elementary school students. She is always intentional about adapting to the unique needs of each student. She believes in working hard and never giving up, two values that she seeks to instill in students.



English | Reading & Writing | Paper Editing

Natalie is from Colorado and attended Hastings College in Nebraska, majoring in English, while also spending a semester abroad in Northern Ireland. She has previously enjoyed peer tutoring as well as working with elementary students in various environments, such as being an instructor for a summer history camp. She seeks to understand the needs of each student and to approach those needs in a way that fits their learning style best, while challenging and encouraging them. 


In her free time, Natalie enjoys reading, going for hikes, playing piano, and learning about other cultures, health and nutrition. She approaches life with a sense of curiosity and wants inspire her students to approach learning in a similar way.


Scientific Writing | Chemistry | Biology

English | Academic Coaching 

James is a Colorado native who graduated from Golden View Classical Academy and is currently in his Junior year at Hillsdale College in Michigan. James’ main academic interests include Chemistry and English. He is contracted for aviation in the U.S. Marine Corps Platoon Leaders Course and intends to fly the F-35 Lightning II.


James volunteered for several years as an after-school tutor while at Golden View, working in topics ranging from Latin and English to Algebra and Chemistry. He also tutors at Hillsdale working with students in a similar range of topics, yet most predominantly in writing essays and lab reports.


James’ hobbies include hiking, running, skiing, and longboarding. He has played solo violin for 16 years and plays in the Hillsdale Symphony. His favorite book is Moby Dick. His favorite chemical compound is 2-methyl-1,3,5-trinitrobenzene.

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Elementary | Reading & Writing | Special Education

Reandra has been an educator for 10 years teaching kindergarten, first grade, third grade, and K-5 math/literacy intervention. She loves helping students gain confidence in their abilities and meet their goals. 


She has a B.S. in Early Childhood Education and Human Development from Colorado State University and a M.A. in Responsive Literacy from the University of Colorado. She is a certified early childhood teacher (preschool-3rd grade) and K-12 reading teacher. 


Reandra loves working with students and showing them that learning can and should be fun! She is passionate about creating life-long learners who have the confidence to go after their goals.



Audrey is a former Spanish teacher at Peak to Peak Charter School where she taught Spanish levels 2 and 3. Before moving to Colorado, Audrey lived in Colombia for three years teaching English at the high school and university levels. Audrey studied International Relations and Spanish at Tufts University in Massachusetts and is currently pursuing a master's degree in International Education online at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. 

Audrey is excited to provide customized support to students of all abilities and lived experiences, helping them achieve their academic goals, create real-world connections, and have some fun along the way!


Outside of the classroom, Audrey can be found running, hiking, skiing, and searching for Colorado's best ice cream. 

Audrey Gould Headshot-2.heic


Elementary | Math | Science

Steffanie is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Science with a concentration in Digital Media. Growing up, STEM subjects always fascinated Steffanie.​


As a tutor, Steffanie would love to help mend the gaps that often comes with learning math and science. She hopes that her passion for STEM will help students be successful in their studies.


Previously, she has tutored high school students with their homework and test prep for their science and math classes. During summer breaks, she has tutored elementary students in preparation for the upcoming academic year.

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