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Zion Gezaw

Elementary & Middle School Tutor

Zion is a dedicated educator with extensive experience in tutoring and education. As a first-generation college student, she earned her Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.) from the University of Denver, specializing in Curriculum and Instruction, as well as Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. Before joining Flatirons Tutoring, Zion spent six years as a middle school English Language Arts (ELA) and Social Studies teacher in Title 1 schools, served as an instructional coach for ELA and Culturally Responsive Education (CRE), and worked as a private tutor. Most recently, she was an assistant principal, where she focused on creating equitable and supportive environments for all students. Currently, Zion is an Education Consultant and tutor, dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of her students.

Zion Gezaw
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